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Passive Income

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Where do I start

 Passive Income

Okay, here's the deal. Your time is valuable and so is mine. So I wont waste it. If you're like me, you want your online efforts to make you money. There's nothing wrong with that. It's what many others and I do. If you purposely came to this site, you're looking for an honest passive income system that you can employ from the comfort of your PC or laptop. You're probably aware of the cons and lies about easy, fast push button processess to online profits and you just want somebody to give you the truth so you can join the ranks of those who make money online. You're probably not against paying a fair price if the product actually does what it says.

Well, fear not. You've landed on a site that's going to give you the absolute necessities to create a workable online income. Now don't get turned off by the seemingly over hyped claims. This isn't a cheesy get-rich-quick-scheme. The true test is if you're willing to accept the Free information and act on it. The really great part is you don't have to do it in the make money online niche. You can use this system for any online venture. First off, the term "passive income" isn't what's in the mind of the average person. If you already are a quick starter and don't need the pep talk, just click on the link and start learning: Internet Marketing Course.

Probably when you hear the word passive, you think not having much input. Well, if you want to make it online, you're going to have to put in steady effort; at least early on. The good part Is if you're still interested after hearing that, you don't have to worry about being led down a rabbit hole that ends to nowhere. There's a lot of ways to make money online. However, I'm assuming you want the path that doesn't involve paying for traffic. Well, I'll give you information you need to do that. It's up to you what you do with it. One thing is certain, though; you will never be able to honestly say that you don't know what to do or where to start with building passive income. You just need to get people to buy something. It's simple, but not easy. Have you ever seen the movie Gladiator? There's a scene that uncovers what you "must" do if you want to succeed online, Take a look at the video below and see if you can spot it.

Did you get it? The Gladiator was told in order to win his freedom, he must win the crowd. Everything he held dear, his reason for living was violently and unjustly taken from him. He had little use for the freedom Proximos spoke of, yet at that moment, you could see in his eyes that he got it. His desire would be fulfilled by winning the crowd. The arena became his venue through which he would get his intention met. Well, your arena is online marketing. Your crowd is targeted online surfers and if you win them over, you win your freedom from financial frustration. You break the chains of the traditional 8-5 drudgery. You win at discovering a passive income system that can be taken anywhere in the world that has internet access.

There are two facts you need to be aware of. First, creating passive income is a legitimate endeavor done by millions of people around the globe. Second, you can create this type of income from the comfort of your home. Yes, the right home income system can produce an income that could supplement or even replace your current job situation. There are quite a few ways to make a passive income, but this site has been created to help you do that through internet marketing; also known as online marketing or make money online. If this is what you seek, read on.

All that sounds motivating enough. However, there's a transitional phase between finding motivation and actually taking the steps toward achieving online success. This is where 98% of all would be online entreprenuers loose heart. consider this for example. I've read many blog & forum posts of confused individuals asking for gurus and the likes for a break and reveal their "secret" to online success for no upfront cost and if it works or if they can see the value in the product or service. Then they'll pay the premium being asked. First off, there is no legitimate business that operates off that premise. Although, with all the hype of internet marketing, I can understand the request. Still, that doesn't make it a logical request; and even if someone took them up on their challenge, it's a known fact that 95+% don't take consistent action or follow the information to the letter. You may be part of the single digit few who would do the right thing, but the odds just aren't there.

Still, in my heart, I'm one of those guys that wish someone would ante up a solid system without wanting your first born. Well, now that I have it, I'm willing to give it and test the try before buy seekers. As I've said before,  most of the information needed to start and grow an online empire can be scored for free. The problem is the massive amount of time to gather it and the weeding through the junk mixed in. It's like someone gave you a Bently, but it's all in pieces on the ground with parts from other cars waste deep. You have no involvement with a Bentley other than knowing that it 's a high class vehicle. So the odds of you getting that Bentley up and running is slim to none. What I'm doing is handing you the system hype free with nothing added.

What's in it for me you ask? Well, I believe whole heartedly in the law of resiprosity. It means that you get back what you put out. I did initially intend to sell a product or service with this and I will monetize this site eventually. But I can still make money while I offer this free opportunity to the masses. I was going to do the slow build in traffic and SEO and chart my progress; and I may do some case studies. But for now, I'll take the route of letting you get your hands on honest, solid information and start this new year off squarely on track to make some money online. I'm also tired of the lies about internet marketing. I'm tired of hearing how everyday people are like a deer caught in headlights and just don't have the money to invest in the $497,$197 or $97 on courses that are filled with fluff. Or webinars and videos you have to suffer through before you get an anemic amount of real useful information.

This is a fairly new site, yet, I'm not going to go too heavily into The Google chasing SEO tactics. I do that with my other money sites. I'm going to slowly build this site up to a powerhouse and some of you will stick around to see the finished results, but sadly, a lot will loose interest, call it gimmicky like all the other stuff online and sulk away to stay in a rut still thinking nobody is willing to give the real secret to building good money online. For instance, as of January 2013, This site has been live since November 2012. I haven't done anything with it to date, January 5th, 2013, but traffic is slowly coming in. The time individuals stay on any given site is measured in seconds. So far, I have stays from 30-60 seconds to over an hour.

The overwhelming majority is in the 30-60 seconds camp. Now mind you, I uploaded the site with enough information to get started with your own site and be in a solid place to make money, yet, with the traffic so far, be it low as it is, already only a handful are sticking around for the length of time that shows they really are willing to put the time and effort in to learn all they can. And trust me, this IS what many are using to build wealth online. I have a book on the front page that explains how you can still rank high with exact match domain sites even after the Google updates. So far, only a handful even went for the FREE book. You see why others are hesitant to discount their products? Have you got the book yet? Show you're serious and at least take that step. You have nothing to lose.

So the question comes again, do people really want the truth or are they sold on a dream? If your goal is to become a "Guru" of internet marketing and sell info products and services, you can definitely do that, too. But that's only a minute part of marketing online. If it can be sold offline, it can be sold online. So your options are huge. As a matter of fact, you'll probably see faster results if you don't want to be a "professional blogger" or internet marketing teacher. Recently I read a comment to a blog post about how this guy attested to the value of the content given by the blog post, but in his heart, he just wasn't a blogger. Even though the site had a case study on it where a business was built apart from the make money online blogging niche; yet, the term blogging is so put out their, that people seem to think if you don't blog, you don't have a chance at succeeding online. How sad is that? That's quite the opposite. There are so many more ways to make money over the internet.

It's all in knowing and understanding how to sell something to your target audience. This should be the first step in your efforts online. This will require some time and testing on your part to find that out, but you can use the information on this site to get you well on your way to selling something to someone or letting someone use the information on your web site or page to sell something for a fee. There are many ways to do that, be it sell your own product, sell someone else product, sell ad space or sell a service. You just need to find the people who would buy what you have. There's a quicker way to do that than coming up with a product or service and convicing someone to buy it. I go over that in the course. That is the route you must commit to taking.

As I wrote earlier, the techniques you'll learn are working as of the latest Google EMD slapping update in October 2012. By the way, while a lot of marketers are now running scared from EMD sites,I'm still ranking on page one and in the top spot with new and slightly aged EMD sites. So I do know a little something about this system.

You know as well as I do that it's not that easy to make passive income. However, now we can get to the real question or questions that need to be asked and answered. The question that you really want answered is how to make passive income? The follow up question would be what are some passive income ideas? .

You don't have to be a genius and the economy doesn't have to be booming with opportunity. People were making money during the great depression. Surely you can do it in the great recession. If you know how to capture an audience, you have the potential to create massive wealth. The job that's causing the average individual to do all they can to beat out their peers was created by someone who dared to believe they could do it. You can repeat that same thing with the right information and consistency. No one can promise you riches at the click of a mouse; not ethically. Nor can they tell you how large your business will be. Only you know what your work ethic is and how bad you want to succeed. But knowing the above questions will start you on the journey you seek.

Getting those two right and following up with focused determination you can eventually retire from the mundane life of working a regular job that most likely will never get you what you want.You're about to learn the main points of creating residual income. If you'll stick with this lesson, you'll have all the education you need. It'll be up to you to take action and do something with it like making it a reality in your own life. Keep reading or go on to the Internet Marketing Course and get started.

 Since you're at this site, its safe to assume that you're at least mildly interested in trying to make money from home using internet marketing. It's also a high probability that you're new to this field; a newbie in the online marketing community. Further still, your confused and scared out of your wits trying to avoid scams and dead end information. First off, no, I'm not psychic. Relax, this ain't that kind of a party. Your money, time and mental health is safe here. I promise to give you the tools that have been working and still working even after the Goolge updates that have ended the careers of some internet marketers. Instead of misleading you, I'm going to drop in your lap a proven Residual Income Formula that takes honest effort up front on your part to run, but after that, you'll confidently be able to create more business ventures on your own. If you're ready to start, you can skip the rest of this and click on the links on this page to start your training or keep reading for more motivation.

 I would wager that you fall into one or all of the categories that most people who come online looking to help their current money situation. You're just sick and tired of your job slaving you out for little more than pocket change compared to the massive amount of time you're losing not building social relationships with friends and family. You're retired and looking to add a little money to help out with the bills.

You or a household member is disabled and you need a way to help with all the expenses. You're looking for a way to supplement your Social Security benefits. You're stuck unemployed in this sluggish economy and are considering all options to making some cash. The information you'll be exposed to on this site will get you on the right track to helping in any of these situations. As I said earlier, within a realistic time frame you could re-route your financial future.

With the uncertainty of the world's economy, employers are holding on to employees like a dirty diaper. At the slightest provoking, they'll let you go in favor of another one. Not only that, they're milking the precious few that they do keep for everything their worth with less recognition or compensation in return. With treatment like that, why wouldn't the average person seek other ways to take care of their life obligations?

Though tens of thousands of people come online everyday, the internet still has more than enough room for your website business. The biggest favorable difference for you is the easier learning curve you have by following the steps outlined here. There's no fluff or hype. Just real world advice that's up to date and solid. I wont hold back any punches. I'll give you the low down on the whole process. What to start with, what the terms mean in every day language, who and what to avoid and when to apply certain techniques. There is a lot to learn, but the awesome part about using internet marketing to generate passive income is you can earn as you learn...Literally. There are not many offline businesses that will allow you to do that on a shoe string budget that's needed to start an online business.

 Smart Passive Income

In an effort to create a passive income stream,everybody and their uncle will attempt to sell you on their way of making money online. This will most assuredly lead you down the road to financial destitution. You need to guard your money and your mind from becoming a victim of this online epidemic. So don't just look for a way to earn passive income online. You need to look for a smart passive income. That's income that is generated with little mental stress and no unnecessary purchases to get you to that goal of having your money come to you with little effort.

Before you spend one cent on a product or service, ask yourself if this is truly going to help you get to the task at hand and do I need it at this moment. There may be items that have no value to you at all for what you're trying to accomplish and they never will. There may be items that you will need in the future, but you're present money would better serve you in buying something that's going to enhance your immediate position.

Don't spend money until you have to. Internet marketers are trained to create a sense of urgency through a perceived limited time to act. Making money online can be a dream come true for you, too, not just for the one selling you stuff

It's good to find an untapped money vein. But you want to involve yourself with avenues that create long residual effects that will lesson your need to constantly dig for new sources of money. This is how the rich increase their wealth. They plug into a process that can be exploited continuously and leave the others to constantly run around looking for the next great thing. That's what makes creating passive income over the internet so great. The majority of the rules that applied when folk first came online during the mid to late 90's to make money still apply to this day. The Google updates that have internet marketers in an uproar haven't changed the game, they're just forcing the players to play by the rules instead of trying to manipulate the process.

Website Inspiration For Making Money Online

Why Help Inspire Complete Strangers To Succeed Online

Well it goes back to a comment I made above. Passive online profits free you up to be more generous to others. Now, to be honest, I haven't made all the money I want online to the point that my business is excessively passive, but I do make money which is a lot more than what most internet marketers can say. Look, do you feel your efforts to follow a lot of internet marketing courses and mentors resemble the image below?

passive income 

Guess which one's the cat?

I would wager that someone is not gonna get much sleep in this relationship. Most people genuinely want to understand this make money online concept. There are quite a few who are willing to pay the offering price to get factual information on working over the internet. The problem is there's so many marketers that have been trained to do and say what ever it takes to get the money that they've created an environment filled with a lack of trust. This business is legitimate and does make you money. Working from the internet is just as rewarding as you believe it to be for the one who's willing and ready to put in the work to set the system up.

What I'm offering is the bare bones to creating residual online income that allows you to sit back and collect pay checks for time and time to come. Is it a get rich quick scheme? No. You have to do the up front work, but once you learn and implement the plan, the results will come. You will need certain tools to begin your passive income online empire, but most of what you need has a free alternative. There are some things that free services just don't deliver. You'll have to pay. That's just the way it is. I'll attempt to give you numerous passive income ideas to help jump start your imagination concerning all the ways you can create financial independence working online. Go ahead and take a moment and bookmark this site or add it to your favorites list. You'll want to refer back to it often.

The thought of having to spend a little money may have scared some, but in order to succeed at this online venture, every profitable internet marketer knows, at some point, you're going to have to part with some money. Not necessarily a lot, but some. I will explain the pros and cons of free resources in the training as I come to it. Some internet marketers hesitate talking about having to spend money this early on. They want to string you along, building you up, gaining your trust in order to unveil their big money grab. The truth is, there's no need for a big money grab transaction to take place.

The majority of what works in internet marketing can be sourced for free. The problem is it takes huge amounts of time to amass the information and most folk would rather pay someone to do it for them. If you've just found out that your skin is a little too thin for this business, it's better to realize that now and move on than get sucked dry by would be marketers slowly separating you from your money by using promises of quick riches as bait.

I'm actually using this site to show you that you can take a simple new site and extract any profits available within a reasonable amount of time...If you know what to do. I'll reveal every tactic I use to bring traffic to this site in a post Google Panda and Penguin update world. The right way to build links, how to optimize it for SEO free organic traffic that wont get penalized by Google, paid traffic, social media involvement, how I monetize it, etc. All the tips that the big boys use will be handed over to you. What you do with it is up to you. But one thing's for sure. You wont have to worry about spending gobs of money trying to learn the "secrets" to making money online. You'll learn the psychology of internet marketing. Translation: It's mostly a head game and you're going to have to change the way you think in order to proper at this game. Having said that, click on the link and let's get started. Click on the Internet Marketing Course link.